Vegan Restaurant Turin City Center

Restaurant, Deli and Desserts in a Friendly and Cozy Place

The Restaurant

Our restaurant offers a warm and friendly atmosphere, with a unique design, that is a favorite of people working or visiting in the center of Turin, and a drop-by place for people of different cultures, occupations, and social classes. Among its different corners with characteristic views—more intimate or by the wide windows opened on the square—you will surely find the perfect place for the moment you are looking for.
In the summer, you can sit in our pleasant open space, in the eighteenth-century square, which is one of the most fascinating of the old town nestled in the heart of the Quartilatero Romano (Roman Quarter), known for its vibrant nightlife.
Our staff is always happy to welcome you and guide you through our many menu choices:


For dinner, we offer full restaurant service with an à la carte menu consisting of rich courses cooked fresh to order, including our stand out homemade fresh pasta. Everithing is made from fresh ingredients processed in-house shortly before your arrival. Our style is inpired by the Piedmontese Italian tradition and is enriched with that of international cuisine.

Our menu is coupled with an excellent choice of organic wines and beers, as well as soft drinks and infusions, for a vegan experience that rivals the best traditional restaurants.

Our dinner dishes are designed to be enjoyed freshly made, with their own dedicated presentation and are therefore only available for table service.


At lunch, we compose vegan dishes with your selections from our specialties of the day. This allows us to serve meals that are complete but also fast and affordable—ideal for a break from work or sightseeing. You can have a meal starting from €10: prices for each portion are detailed on our menu board.

The choice of drinks is the same available for dinner.

The composition of deli portions is also available in takeout trays priced by weight.
We do not use microwave ovens.

The Deli

Our deli display counter is dedicated to lunch until 4pm and takeout until sold out.
We produce and sell 100% vegetable specialties and desserts, using only the finest quality ingredients. Our preparations are available for the combo lunch platter or takeout by weight. They are cooked in the morning and run out during the day.
Our creative, natural cuisine is inspired by macrobiotics and traditional Italian recipes, as well as ethnic traditions from all over the world interpreted the vegan way—healthier and respectful of the animals.

Prices range from €19 to €30 per kg, depending on the type of ingredients and the difficulty of preparation; they are shown in detail in front of our display counter.

Desserts and coffee

Our desserts are an iconic product of chef Daniela Zaccuri, all personally made by her, they are designed to get yourself a pleasure with the peace of mind of not having to regret it later.
They are made from semiwholemeal flour, with a low glycemic index, cereal or agave syrup, top quality vegetable fats, and natural agar agar as a thickener for jellies, panna cotta and mousses. Gluten-free options are not overlooked, with choices like the exquisite cakes with a base of crumbled and caramelized rice and corn biscuits and layers of soft vegan panna cotta and fruit jelly.

Among the various creations of the day, the Filled Cakes covered with whipped soy cream or chocolate, the Vegan Sacher and the Black Forest Cake—reminding of the closeness of northern Italy to the Germanic world, land of pastry chefs—the colorful Tarts with Fresh Fruit and jelly, the Mousses and Tiramisu. You will immediately forget that it is all made without the classic pastry ingredients, such as butter, eggs and large quantities of refined sugar, things that Daniela's creativity does not need.

For your Italian-style breakfast, you can enjoy your dessert with various traditional coffee preparations, which we make with organically grown coffee and the best soy milk, to give you a rich and fullfilling taste. For those who prefer a good infusion, we have our choice of organic and fair trade teas and herbal teas.
The Vegan Croissants provided by a qualified external pastry shop complete the offer.

We also prepare fresh fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies, we have sugar-free bottled juices that contain 100% fruit, and different natural and organic soda drinks.

Enjoy the light in the square that rests from the nightlife…


Mezzaluna is wheelchair accessible.
Baby changing facilities are available.