Vegan Lunch Menu

A Rich and Healthy Buffet Menu based on Grains, Vegetable Proteins, Vegetables and Dessert

At lunch, we offer table and takeout service—both designed for the customer who wants a meal that is quick and low-cost, but of high quality.

Our lunch dishes are simpler than our dinners, and are prepared along with our specialties of the day—the same available for takeout—so there is no need to wait for your meal.

Our specialties are divided into four categories, each including up to twelve different preparations that are listed on our whiteboard menu. The selection is very wide and varies daily according to market availability.

For table service, we offer smaller “taste” portions, or full portions; by combining different taste portions, you can compose a mixed platter, preferred by most of our lunchtime customers—or by choosing full portions, you can have the traditional courses.

Our Prices


rice, pasta, etc.
Taste € 3,50
Full portion € 7,00


Taste € 3,00
Full portion € 5,00

Vegetable protein

tofu, seitan, tempeh
Taste € 5,00
Full portion € 9,00


Taste € 3,50
Full portion € 6,00


Small cup € 3,00
Large cup € 5,00

Specialty sugar-free dessert

Price € 6,00

For other preparations that we make from time to time (pizza, baked panzerotti, etc) see the whiteboard menu.

Mixed platter

For example a dish including taste portions
of grain, pulses, and vegetables will cost

3,5+3+3,5= 10,00 €

Choosing seitan as the protein

12,00 €

Or you might want a second course,
choosing the full portion of seitan and a taste of vegetables

12,50 €

Or if you just want to have a nice first course,
choose a full portion of grains

7,00 €

There is no cover charge
and we offer organic and sourdough bread
for €1.00 per portion.


Takeout food is priced by weight, ranging from

19.00€/Kg for grains and legumes

to 26.00 o 30.00€/Kg for the seitan preparations.

Cakes and sweets cost an average of


Prices are shown in detail in front of our display counter.

In case of allergies or intolerances,
always feel free to ask our staff for suitable alternatives.

At dinner, we offer traditional à la carte service with food cooked to order and fully laid tables. Because we prepare takeout specialties in the morning, we cannot guarantee they will still be available at night.